Reasons to love Ray Toro: the legendary hair.

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Reasons Why I Love Ray Toro: his sincerity

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Photos Of Ray Toro That Kait May or May Not Have Seen: Part 1

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Cupcakes. Nuf said :D

One thing I love about Ray is his legs. I once had a whole blog dedicated to just his legs.

I’m going to make this into a post. His legs are PERF. 


himetimes asked: GAH, I forgot to put what I wanted -_______- Sorry, I keep flooding your ask :P So I'd like to see one all about "his sincerity" :3

Can do! Phew, it’s okay! ^___^

I’ll put it on my list, dearrrie!


zombiejepha asked: Ray and Mikey are going to be the death of me u_u

Ugh, yes, I agree.